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Forces Help to Buy is a scheme that specifically caters to members of the armed forces. It is designed to assist military personnel in purchasing a home or moving to a new property. Here's how it works:


To be eligible for Forces Help to Buy, you must be a regular member of the armed forces who has completed at least two years of service or more. Reservists can also apply if they meet specific criteria.


1. Financial Support: The scheme allows eligible personnel to borrow up to 50% of their annual salary, with a maximum cap of £25,000. This loan is interest-free, and it aims to help military personnel with the upfront costs of buying a property, including a deposit and other associated expenses.

2. Property Types: Forces Help to Buy can be used for both new-build and existing properties, giving personnel the flexibility to choose the home that best suits their needs.

3. Repayment: The loan from Forces Help to Buy is repaid over a period of ten years or before the individual's discharge date, whichever comes first. The repayment process involves a fixed monthly amount over the agreed period.

4. Application Process: Eligible members of the armed forces can apply for Forces Help to Buy through the Joint Personnel Administration system.


Forces Help to Buy is a valuable resource that assists military personnel in achieving homeownership and provides them with a more secure and stable living situation, despite the nature of their work and frequent deployments. It acknowledges their commitment and service while making the journey to homeownership more accessible.

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