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Shared equity mortgages offer a creative and affordable path to owning a property. Here's how it works: you secure a mortgage to cover a portion of the property's value, and the remaining portion is co-funded by a housing association or government agency. With this assistance, your upfront deposit and monthly mortgage payments are reduced, making homeownership more achievable.


As the property's value changes over time, so does your equity share. When you decide to sell, you repay the original shared amount plus a percentage of any increase in the property's value. This ensures both you and the housing provider benefit fairly from any price appreciation.


Shared equity mortgages suit a range of homebuyers, from first-timers to those looking to downsize or move up the property ladder. Let our team of experts guide you through this empowering homeownership journey and seize the opportunity to invest in your future with a shared equity mortgage.

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Shared Equity

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